Edge of Everything: The Inevitable Return of Stevie Nicks

“Sometimes when you wake up in the morning and you go, Does anybody get it? If I died tomorrow, what would go on? Did I actually touch people? Did I make a wave here? In the last couple of years, I have actually started to say to myself, Yes, you did. You have actually made a wave, and it has swept over a lot of people. It’s opening doors for you to step up, into whatever you want that isn’t even rock ’n’ roll anymore.

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i want to go home lol


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btvs meme → characters [1/5] faith lehane

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Word of advice? Don’t fall in love. ‘Cause getting your heart broken fucking sucks.

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Natalie Dormer: Meet The “Rebel Warriors” in the new The Hunger Games: Mockingjay posters (x)

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hi i’m peter man i mean i’m spider parker i mean fuck

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grey’s anatomy meme → nine episodes (1/9)

↳ beautiful doom

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    Perfect Cast is Perfect:
    ↳ Marvel’s Agents Of S.h.i.e.l.d.

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 6 favorite relationships » Fitz and Simmons, Agents of Shield
     ↳”You’re my best friend in the world.”
     ”Yeah, and you’re more than that, Jemma.”

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im tryin really hard not to freak out right now but i keep feeling like im gonna throw up and its not helping